27 February 2011

Urban and Rural Students

As a teacher, you might have had a class where urban and rural students sit together. Do you find problem in teaching problem? I do.

First let's see the difference between them.
Urban Students
- confident
- familiar to the culture
- better interaction
- using Indonesia language

Rural students
- not confident
- culturally shocked
- poor interaction
- using local language

Those differences are in general. But sometimes you will find certain rural students with excellent skills.

The differences between them have created a gap during teaching-learning process. Mostly, the urban students will more active in the class. Rural students also don't want to express their opinion or ask questions, they prefer being silence. Then, what we as a teacher can do to solve this kind of problem?

In my class discussion, we conclude some ways. The ways are:
-Motivate the students to express their idea, no need to be shy or afraid of be embarrassed
- Using U-shape to raise discussion.
- Grouping
- Reinforcement
- Giving same opportunity and also attention
- Reviewing methodology

You may add if you have more ideas.


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