18 February 2011

Curriculum vs Syllabus

For those who active as teachers or still studying about education should be familiar with this two terms. But what actually the differences between them?

Below are the lists of some differences that I got when I attended my class related to Curriculum and Syllabus.

1. depend on the government or university policy
2. more general in terms of the goals, indicators, materials, competence, etc
3. longer time duration
4. covering all subjects
5. cannot be compromised

1. depend on the teachers, therefore, it will need the teacher's creativity
2. more specific
3. shorter time period, usually only in one semester
4. covering only one single subject
5. more flexible because depend only on the teacher
6. it helps to generate lesson plan

Besides the differences, they also have similarities such as:
1. having goals, indicator, etc
2. in the form of official document so you can read them
3. need designer

Those are some differences and similarities between curriculum and syllabus. If you have any other ideas, just give your comment. Thanks

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