18 November 2012

Final Story of Nice Guy

Masih penasaran sama akhir Nice Guy? Ini saya postingkan artikel yang saya dapat dari nour samir (@nour093)

SKJ met some reporters on 16th Nov afternoon at a hotel in Seoul and talk about his feelings of filming NG.

A NG staff said on the 16th: “The last scene is once again reversed. MR was pretending to not remember the memories of EG. Finally when MR smilingly took out the rings from 7 years ago, EG immediately understand that he remembered and that’s why she smiled too. This means that their 7 year of tired love can end and happiness can begin.

The second half of the monologue also proved this point, MR’s “Again, I prayed to God. Thank you, I am very happy” means MR’s dream of extraordinary love have been achieved. Another point, even though the foods are not good, MR still have all his meals at EG’s bakery proved MR always remember EG.

SKJ said: Before I also think that the outcome may be a tragedy, but when I got the script, actually is a happy ending. Knowing that writer Lee all previous works have tragic ending, all of us we will guess that too. But I am a person who likes happy ending, so I was satisfied with this outcome of a happy ending.

“The drama was filmed for the audience, so a happy ending will be better. The last scene was shot at TongYeong, I have mixed feelings after the end of shooting, anyway I am very satisfied with the happy ending”

In the drama MR was trying to get back JH who abandoned him and deliberately get close to JH’s step daughter, EG. So when did MR start to change his mind?

SJK: “When he was beaten up by JH’s men, his eyes are swollen. Barefooted EG came to MR’s house and gave the confession in the rain. Although I also thought about whether I feel love for EG before that, but I feel that was the time that I have a change of heart.” Honestly, a beautiful girl who’s barefooted gave a rain confession, which men will not feel it.”

Went on to say, “The next scene where MR was hugging EG and looking at JH who is behind EG. Seem it’s a warning to JH “I really fell in love with this woman, so you are not to touch/harm her”, with that kind of glare and hugging EG even more tightly.”

SJK said: First time filming a drama with so many changes/ time skips. Just the last episode alone we time skipped 7 years. One drama alone we have 5 time skips.

Childhood, college, jail on JH’s behalf, EG’s memory loss after the car accident, the 7 years in the last episode.”

Then say: “The drama emotional changes are like a long story. I’m trying my best to perfect the feelings of the character’s change. Fortunately, the audiences responded well.”

SJK added: “While filming this drama, I also felt that I am still lacking on my acting skilling. For my next project, I will be fully prepared to show the character change.”

Tnlisan di atas (saya copas dari twitter @nour093) menjelaskan bagaimana sebenarnya akhir dari Nice Guy. Pengen nerjemahin sih tapi panjang banget ya. Kalau chingu kurang paham, tinggalin komen saja. Nanti saya coba bahasakan sendiri.


  1. makasii ya...
    baru ngerti akhir critanya...

  2. wah... persis dugaan gw bangeetthhh... ckckckck..

  3. terjemahin donk.........

    1. Intinya SJK bilang kalau MR tuh cuma pura-pura hilang ingatan. Dan saat EG melihat cincin y diberikan oleh MR, dia tersenyum karena sadar kalau sebenarnya MR tidak pernah lupa sama dia. Bukti lain yang menunjukkan bahwa MR tidak lupa sama EG a MR yang selalu membeli makanan di toko EG (walaupun orang-orang bilang makanannya tidak enak hehe).

      Di wawancara itu SJK juga bilang bahwa perasaan suka MR kepada EG mulai tumbuh sejak EG datang berhujan-hujan ke depan rumahnya, tanpa alas kaki dan menyatakan perasaannya. SJK bilang, "mana ada cowok yang tidak luluh melihat wanita cantik datang bertelanjang kaki dan berhujan-hujan hanya untuk menyatakan perasaannya."

      SJK sendiri tidak menyangka kalau akhirnya akan bahagia mengingat jdul drama yang disutradarai oleh LKH umumnya berakhir tragis.

      Itu saja sih keknya yang jadi poin penting.